We are keeping our promises!

You want for your customers the best hygiene - whether in the clean room, in sanitary facilities, in the office, at the reception or in more sensitive ranges?†You are exactly correct with us!

As a specialist company with many years of experience, we offer pioneering solutions for all types of hygiene and mould protection.

Our portfolio ranges from automated coatings, even combating of viruses, germ and bacteria through long-term hygiene spray to the neutralizing the odor in shoes.†

All our products have unique Properties and maximum effect and located successfully in the following sectors.


In a place where many people work, viruses, bacteria and germ are spreading very fast. We will be glad to help you the spreading contain effectively and minimize the risk of disease transmission.

Office and communication

Not only a good working atmosphere is essential, also a reduced bacteria and germ work environment.


Protect you customers effective against disease pathogens and germs. Hygiene coatings protect for example door handels, carts, handrails and many more areas where people could easily come into contact with.

Health and therapy

Cleanliness and hygienic purity are a matter of course in the health care system. We will help you to achieve significant improvements and save expenses at the same time.

Household & private

Reduced germ and bacteria spreading in your home. Easy use for special hygienic protection for door and window handles, fittings, bathrooms and toilets.

Long-term hygienic for shoes

For problem areas such as sluice gates, dressing rooms or renting of shoes (ski, bowling), we have the best long-term hygienic protection to neutralize bacteria and odour. On request, we can also provide to take care of the application.†
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